When Jack and Kaya see a dazzling white light shining from a giant boulder in the forest near their home, it takes them on an adventure to a place both familiar and yet like nowhere they know. But where exactly are they? And can they find their way home before it’s too late?

The Stone Gate is an exciting Young Adult adventure novel set in Australia that also brings climate change vividly to life for young adult readers.

“… a book of deep imagination and insight into the future our young people face.”
Jackie French

“… an enjoyable fantasy read with plenty of action, a good pace and likeable characters.”
The Daily Telegraph

The Stone Gate and climate change
The Stone Gate is a great way to introduce young readers to the issue of climate change, and it is set in Australia. Please consider giving The Stone Gate to the young adult in your life! Please read these notes explaining why storytelling is the missing ingredient in climate messaging. 

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Climate organisations
If your organisation works to get young people interested in climate change, I want to work with you! I’m happy to make The Stone Gate available on a no-profit basis as a free ebook giveaway, special offer, membership package gift or similar. Please email me.

The Stone Gate is an innovative and engaging way to introduce students (Years 6-9) to climate change, sustainability and Australian environment themes, as well as an exploration of the role of imagination in persuasive communication. I am happy to work with teachers to create teaching material. Please email me or read more here.

Mark Mann: author
I’m a writer, journalist, parent and environmentalist, and spend a lot of my spare time bushwalking in Brisbane Water National Park, near my home on the NSW Central Coast. I wrote The Stone Gate to “bring climate change to life” for young readers, but also to write an exciting adventure my own teenage kids would enjoy. (I’m pleased to say it passed that test.)

The Little Green Guide
A few years ago I wrote a “pocket guide” to green living for Planet Ark called The Little Green Guide: click on the book cover below to read the book.

The Little Green Guide

Here are some of the sources I drew upon in creating the worlds in The Stone Gate.